The capital of Armenia Yerevan


The capital of Armenia Yerevan – one of the oldest cities in the world. The ancient name of Erebuni. The Russian transcription until 1936 known as Erivan. Erebuni was founded by the king of Urartu Argishti I in 782 BC. e.

Yerevan 29 years older than the ancient city of Rome.
However, people lived here long before the founding of the city. The city archeologists found the oldest settlement IV-III millennium BC.
Modern Yerevan in 2015, said in 2797 anniversary of the city since its foundation. Yerevan – Armenia is the heart.
Today, Yerevan – the largest in terms of population and area of the city of Armenia. The population of 1,200 million people, the city area – 223 square kilometers.
During the years of Soviet power the appearance of Yerevan has completely changed as a result of the huge urban development (the first master plan for 1924. Architect AI Tamanyan).
The uniqueness of the city gives a widely used in the construction of local stone – tufa different shades (pink, cream, white, brown, red, orange).

Yerevan – political, economic and an important transport hub of the country.
Yerevan is also a major scientific and cultural center. Here are the Academy of Sciences, dozens of research institutes, universities, museums, theaters, concert halls and complexes, art galleries, architectural buildings and monuments.